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Cedarlane Academy K-8

Hacienda La Puente USD

  • 16333 Cedarlane Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 • 626.933.8001 

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    Chinese & Korean Dual Immersion programs

    Resources for Dual Immersion Programs:

    All Languages:


    세종규칙 한글:

    Traditional Chinese:

    1. #紐約公共圖書館 超過30萬本書可免費下載         2.IDFA online #阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片節 免費資源        3.羅浮宮、大英博物館等網路導覽,還有國家公園和水族館          4.Verso Books 免費下載                      5. Google Arts & Culture 超過70國1200間博物館美術館線上看展品                   



    Let's Read for Success!

         Borrow e-Books from the HLPUSD Collection.             Read anytime, anywhere on a phone,                             tablet, or computer.

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    Borrowed titles will automatically return at the end of the lending period. 

    You can also return titles early to free up space in your school account.

    Read the Accelerated Reader Books, too!

    parent portal

    Keep Up-to-Date with Student Progress and Connect with Teachers!

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    Aeries Parent Portal allows you to track student attendance and grades. Canvas Learning Management System allows students to access academic learning content: have access as an observer.

    Robotics Wins

    Dual Immersion Golden Bell Award Winners


    Science Olympiad 

    Division A:

    Gold Medalist/Tied #1 in Los Angeles County


    Cyber Patriot Wins


    AB 104;

    “Any student who received a D or F (grades 3-11) or 1 or 2 (grades K-2) in half or more of their academic courses during the 20202-21 school year may be considered for grade-level retention. If you would like to schedule a Consultation, please contact your student’s 2020-21 Principal to submit a written request.”

     2020-21 學年期間在一半或更多的學術課程中獲得 D  F3-11 年級); 1  2K-2 年級的學生都可以考慮申請留在同一個年級不升級如果您想安排諮詢請聯繫您學生在 2020-21 學年度的 校長以提交書面請求.”

    “Cualquier estudiante que recibió una calificación D o F (del 3oal 11o grado) o un 1 o 2 (del Kínder al 2o grado) en la mitad o más de sus materias académicas durante el ciclo escolar 2020-21, podría ser considerado para repetir grado. Si desea programar una consulta, comuníquese con el Director de su estudiante del ciclo escolar 2020-21 para presentar una solicitud por escrito.”

    Video for Canvas:

    Check out our pto website!

    ASES-After School Program until 6 pmFREE SNACKS & SUPPER!
    Robotics and Cyberpatriot Defense Teams
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    Science OlympiadDivision A & B
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    About Us

    We are “Soaring with Pride, Excellence and Commitment” for all of our K-8 students! 

    We are a community of fantastic students, dedicated teachers, supportive staff and active parent groups. 

    We take pride in our K-8 school where we provide excellent 21st Century readiness and opportunities for all of our students to be successful at our school and beyond!

    One Team, One Goal: thunderbirds Soar with pride, excellence and commitment!



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    Chinese &

    Korean Dual Immersion Programs

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